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Marti's Horse Farm Rules 

All persons who board, ride their horses or use the facilities at Marti's Horse Farm are subject to the following barn rules:


The safe, cnsiderate and courteous behavior of each boarder, client, lessee, student, family member and guest is required. Your safety and the safety of others is our primary goal.

Release and Waiver Requirement

All quests and riders on farm property must first sign in with management and execute and deliver a release and waiver.


At all times, children must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Running, shouting,climbing on gates, rock throwing and loud boisterous behavior is not permitted at any time.

Private Lessons

Due to insurance reasons, instructors not employed by Marti's Horse Farm will not be allowed to conduct private lessons on farm property.

Unattended Horses

No boarder, client, lessee, student or guest may intentionally allow their horse to run loose on farm property. Do not leave your horse unattended in the alley way, arena or round pen.


No dogs are allowed on farm property unless they are restrained on a leash. Do not leave a dog unattended anywhere on farm property.

Share the Arena

No one person will be allowed to "take over" the arena. The arena is for the pleasure of all boarders / guests. Be courteous and respect each other's space.

Arena Closes at 10:00pm

Due to Loveland City Ordinance, lights-out time for the arena is 10:00pm. No exceptions.

No Smoking

No smoking anywhere on farm property. People caught smoking on farm grounds will be asked to leave.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
Marti Rushton

Marti's Horse Farm, LLC
2801 South Taft Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: (970) 692-0224
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